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Name of Directors:

Bishnu Upadhyay (Director)

One day I (Bishnu Upadhyay)was shifting my home from one place to other but I was facing a lot of problem because I was thinking about to shift of my logistics so I was totally depressed that how will I settle logistics. After that I searched service provider who shift the logistics from one place to other.

Finally I did not get any such type of service and I was very hopeless. As we know that Jamshedpur is very big city but there is no packers & movers service .

I thought packers & movers service should be available in Jamshedpur to provide a good service!

Shankar Upadhyay (Director)

Finally I started Amrit packers and Movers service in Jamshedpur at 1998 of March that was going on very well. But I was facing a lot of problem to provide service so I thought about a manpower who can support in my business. At that time I remembered Shankar Upadhyay.

Who can support me very well. So I offered him to join with my business and he was also agree to join with my company. He laboured hard for my business and improve our work.

After getting achievement through Shankar Upadhyay I gave him half responsibility of business in 2003.At present time we are giving best packers Movers services in Jamshedpur.